What if I have a logo and branding but need some work done?

I am able work with your existing logo and branding and apply to whatever else you need created, although possiblity of this will be judged on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with me outlining your specific needs as well as examples of your existing branding. If the work falls in line with how I operate and create I will then provide a quote for you. You will hear back from me regardless and if I can't take on the work I will offer other possible solutions.

What items are you able to design?

My primary service is my custome branding package. What work is included in or expands from that will be discussed as we go through our 'brand exploration' process. This list is an example of the type of work I am able to undertake for you.
By all means if you desire somethig that is not here feel free to contact me to discuss.
Business card
With Compliments slip

DL rack card
Brochure Advertisment Book design Pull up banner Signage Facebook profile pic and banner Social media post styling Blog/Pinterest/Etsy banner Social media templates Book design Magazines

What is the difference between a logo and logotype?

A logo type is one that is just text with no graphic.

A logo includes text and a graphic. These two elements can be used togthere and seperately.

See example below.

What files will I receive?

Once the design is finalised you will receive your logo in formats that can be used across print and web, including:
.eps, .jpeg, .png,
colour (CMYK & RGB) and black & white Documents for print will be supplied as print ready PDFs. Designs for web will be supplied in sizes and types specified for specific platforms. Files will then be yours to keep and own and your responsibilty to store safely. Although I will have artwork stored there will be a fee to resupply at a later date.

What are your fees?

You will find my custom brand package here. Before commencement of a job I will provide a full quote outlining the job specifications, expectation, timeline and total cost. Once this is is agreed upon this amount will be divided into three amounts to be paid at various stages of the project. The first installment will be invoiced and must be paid before work is commenced. Second installment will be invoiced once design work had been presented to you. Third installment invoice will be issued once all work has been approved and signed off. Final files will not be released until account is paid. If work outside of the scope of the original quote/brief is required once the project has commenced, a new quote will be issued and agreed upon before extra work takes place. My hourly and minimum fee is $120.

Do you arrange printing?

I do not work as a print broker and as a rule this is not part of my service. I do provide you with print ready files to be sent to the printer of your choice. If the printer has a request I am happy to liaise with them. If, however, this aspect of your project is something you would also like me to take of for you there will be a fee that will be factored into your quote.

How will I receive files for approval?

Files will be sent to you via email for approval as low resolution PDF. There will be a certain amount of allocated changes included in your quote. Beyond this there will be a further charges. I will endeavour to be timely and accurate with any changes requested and made. It is the clients responsibilty to check all work thouroughyly before sign off on a project.

I'm not sure exactly what I want or need, can you help?

Yes, absolutely! This is exactly what my 'brand exploration' is all about. We will work it out together. To get you started, apply here for you FREE copy of step one of my branding process.

Do you provide web design?

I can absolutely help with the look and feel of your website and this is actually a crucial part of your brand presence in today's world!
I don't construct websites but do have wonderful people I work with who can do this for you. If this is something you require within your project please just let me know.

Do you provide copywriting?

No, not personally but I do have someone who CAN help you with your copywriting needs.
If this is something you would like to include in your project just let me know.

Do you provide photography?

I can provide photography direction to match your brand but do not provide photography services. I work with clients around the globe and I do have wonderful photographers that I have worked with in various places so if this something you require as a part of your project please let me know.

still have a question?

No problem, just send me an email by clicking on the icon below!

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