brand exploration

To ‘explore’ is to search, discover, examine and learn.

Let's take a dive into the deep and explore what sets you apart and how to share that with your audience.


A brand is so much more than logo.
Your brand represents how your business shows up in the world. It is how you are recognised.
It builds trust with your customers. A brand comprises many design elements, including your logo, colours, typography, imagery, language, tone, styling, packaging and other marketing and promotional material.

creating a brand is about visually telling a story.


Good stories are memorable. The kind that make you feel transported to the settings and
places being described, where the characters come alive and become your friends.
The magic is in the detail, as the story unfolds. It creates a connection.


uncovering your brand story.

Together we are the dream team!

You have the knowledge and understanding of your business. I have the creative know-how
and experience to ask the right questions, and to visually tell your story.
Together, we can define and clarify what your business is all about.
Together, we can weave magic and create a brand that truly represents the essence of your business.  


All the tools you need to communicate your story.


I’ve developed a streamlined process to help us collaborate and co-create your brand.
My goal is to empower you as the brand owner. To help you to be clear about your vision. To provide you with all of the tools you need to effectively share your story, promote your business, and build trust and recognition with your customers.

Below is an outline of each of the four stages of my process.

YOU are the expert on your business. I am here to help you uncover the treasures and then bring them to life.

We lay it all out and get clear on exactly what it is we are sharing and who your customers are.
Just like creating the skeleton layout for a story. We want to know the who, what, why, when.


This is where the detail (aka magic) comes in. We start to see the setting, get to know the ‘characters’, and hear your brand’s unique voice.


Our brand exploration is like the antidote to ‘creative’ block! My creative juices will be flowing
and my design process will start. I will check in with you regularly, to make sure we are always
on the same page.
The logo is just the start, but it’s far from where we finish. A collection of bespoke branding elements will also be created just for you, including a brand style guide and suite of digital imagery and templates to inform the development of business cards, brochures, web and social media applications.

To run your business effectively and efficiently it’s important to be able to communicate with brand consistency, without having to rely on me to create every post/document etc.
This is why I spend so much time creating a brand suite for you with elements for varied applications. You’ll be provided with a ‘brand kit’ within Canva. It will include your colour palate, fonts and various templates to help you create marketing and promotional material as you need it.
And, of course, I am always here to help you to further expand your brand, and can provide a separate quote for additional requirements.

want to get some clarity around your story?

Download your free copy of step one in my signature branding process above!

custom branding packages

the short story


'short' story


'full' story


"Words cannot express how amazing Jen has been in helping me put together my brand for Heartsong."


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